Mitsubishi Logistic corporation (Honjou Warehouse)

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Mitsubishi Logistic corporation (Honjou Warehouse)

We suggested a big and newest automatic warehouse that can respond to advanced and various needs of distribution goods

This is a warehouse that can respond to various needs, for example, an increasing amount of handling of new products and multi-products, many entries and deliveries of products without stopping. This warehouse developed a uniform control of entries, deliveries and stocks and also developed an epoch making system that can realize an operation control for sure transportation. This warehouse established a newest distribution station that realized full automatic systems and manpower savings.

System Summary

Mitsubishi Logistic corporation (Honjou Warehouse)

This warehouse is located in a conjunction area named Komaki between Toumei and Meisihn Highway that is a key place to connect east-west transporting.
This warehouse supplies a service as [A full automatic logistic factory].

The full automatic rack building system is installed in 5 stories warehouse. The products are supplied by a mission from a control center to sorting and picking zones in 1F without stopping. The delivery works are done in a perfect condition.

This warehouse keeps a well manpower saving by forklift without man, electric racks and other automatic devices. This warehouse also installed a big general purpose computer that can manage a stock control and transportation management by national network systems.

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Introduction Equipment

  • 1F Sorting and picking scene1F Sorting and picking scene
  • No man forkliftNo man forklift
  • Omni Lifter and conveyor systemOmni Lifter and conveyor system

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