Problem of Basket Cart Storage

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Let's solve the Problem of Basket Cart Storage!

Facilities like daily perishable goods delivery centers and distribution centers use large numbers of basket carts daily, with the carts cycling from being out on delivery to empty-cart retrieval. It often happens that the warehouse is quiet and empty when all the carts are out on deliveries, then crowded with carts when they all return.
And since it is unacceptable to run out of carts when there are deliveries to be made, many distribution centers must own thousands of them.
In frozen food operations, basket carts used for picking are stored in chilled spaces, so until the deliveries leave the space becomes buried in carts full of picked items, making it very difficult to move them around.

Finding ways to store so many space-occupying carts in such limited spaces is a rather challenging problem.

Enter the Solution The Cargo Shelter Empty Cart Storage Rack

Problem of Basket Cart Storage

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