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Play a role in formulation of "all optimum system" - 0MNI Lifter System -

Our aim is always providing world-class logistics machine.

Currently, what is demanded for logistics center is that "Improve customer service, cutdown logistics cost".
Although it's difficult to achieve, if we don't accomplish it, we will fall behind the times.
As logistics system manufacturer, We realize this difficult business, adapt to more and more globalized movement, and play a role in formulation of "all optimum system".
With a core of Nara factory, which is the professional factory for our main product vertical reciprocating conveyor, we were certified according to ISO9001, accomplished "quality internationalization".
We will maintain our perspective as globalization, try our best for logistics business field's development.
We look forward to continuing close relations between us.

Omni Yoshida Co.,Ltd. Managing Director Shintaro Yoshida

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