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Summary and features

Self-Propelled Mobile Container Work Platform

This loading and unloading system assists manual labor (reducing labor and manhours) when accessing the higher reaches of containers or unloading bulk cargo.

Just 1 or 2 Workers

The Extenor II speeds and improves container devanning, conventionally a labor intensive task requiring many workers.


Extendable Conveyor

Extendable Conveyor

Examples of application

Examples of application

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Condition Using
Extenor Ⅱ
Effects of Introducing
Extenor Ⅱ
Number of 40-foot containers
unloadable in 10 hours
4-5 5-6 1-2more containers unloadable
Time per container 2.5hours 1.5-2hours Saves 1-1.5 hours per container
Number of workers
5 total
4 total
Work done by just 1 worker
Labor reduced
Forklift operators 1 1 As needed

  When using the Extenor Ⅱ
Cumulative work time Approx. 60 min × 4 workers (4 hours) / 1 container
4 hours × 100 containers per month = 400 manhours saved per month (4,800 per year)
Annual labor costs ¥1,000 per hour × 4,800 hours = ¥4.8 million saved
Number of workers Assuming 1 worker earning ¥1,000/hour is eliminated
¥1,000 × 10 hours × 20 days × 12 months = Annual ¥2.4 million saved
Equipment cost Equipment cost     ¥4 million (standard specification)
Depreciation C 400/720 = in approx. 7 months
* ¥4.8 million (labor cost) + ¥2.4 million (workers) = ¥7.2 million
Leasing ¥4 million × 1.4% = ¥56,000 per month (¥6.72 million per year)
Notes Calculations do not include costs for connected conveyors.


Cace Cace

Specifications and drawings

Outer Dimensions 1800W×4018L×910H
Work Platform Dimensions 1800W×800L
Weight Approx. 420kg
Load weight 50kg
Work Platform Stroke 150H~700H
Climb Gradient
Minimum Rotation Radius 5500mm
Wheelbase 1790mm
Wheels Powered φ250
Free φ200
Options ・Conveyor full sensor
・"Moving" indicator flasher and buzzer
・200V conveyor power supply
100V drive unit, rechargeable
・Conveyor speed adjustment function
(dial or switch)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Drawing PDF download

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