SKYVEYOR Ⅰ (Z and C type Continuous Vertical Conveyors)

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Summary and features

Low power consumption helps you save lots of energy!

The system lifts and lowers loads using air cylinders; no motors involved.

Great for transporting light loads!

A low cost and powerful way to transport equal-sized loads.

Customize your conveyor by adding the right modules for your job!

The Skyveyor system supplements a conventional conveyor line that transports loads in one direction.


Main device

Main device

Specifications and drawings

Body Free-standing aluminum frame
Load unit size 220mm Wide × 280mm Long × 330mm High, 12.5 kg (max.)
Body size 730mm Wide × 500mm Long × 3820 mm High
Loading stroke 2600 to 7000 mm stroke range
Source of lift Air cylinder
Capacity 600 loads per hour

Please consult us for specifics on types of loads, weights, and lift heights.

Related work

Φ3 200V/220V
1KW 1.7KVA
Supplying dry air
0.5MPa 340L/min

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