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Summary and features

No pit required

Designed for safety

  1. Just load a hand-cart, cargo cart, pallet, or other item onto the STEP Ⅱ's special pallet and it is automatically raised from 1F to 2F or lowered from 2F to 1F.
  2. The STEP Ⅱ is a low-cost vertical conveyor system. Requiring no pit, it is ideal for short-term installation and use at specific sites.
  3. Special pallets are loaded manually, but these are then loaded into the vertical conveyor automatically for better safety.
  4. Both the 1F and 2F loading entrances are equipped with safety doors for better safety.
  5. The STEP Ⅱ is not legally subject to regulations regarding simple lifts.
    While simple lifts are required by ordinance to limit cargo dimensions to 1 square meter wide by 1.2 square meters high, the STEP Ⅱ is not subject to this limitation.
  6. Conforms to the Building Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Law, so it does not require a building permit application or equipment installation report.

Exempt from simple lift regulations

Description of loading


Main device

Installation example showing a special pallet equipped with a safety fence. The chain conveyor used to load in the special palet.


Cace Cace

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Safety equipment

  1. Two carts can be loaded at once.
  2. ● Entrance abnormality de tection

    ● Abnormal position detection on
     each level

    ● Conveyor/table cargo presence

    ● Cargo height detection

    ● Over-height detection

    ● Emergency stop

Specifications and drawings

Model SPⅡC-18W-14L-10
Max. Cargo Weight MAX1,000kg
Special Pallet Dimensions 1,800W×1,400L
Max. Cargo Size 1,700W×1,200L×2,000H
Lifting 6,000H
Cargo Cart Dimensions 800W×1,100L×1,800H
Pallet Dimensions 1,500W×1,200L

Special Pallet Reference Dimensions

Width 2,500W・2,100W・1,800W Depth 1,600L・1,500L・1,400L

Special Pallet Dimensions, 9 patterns

2,500W×1,600L 2,500W×1,500L 2,500W×1,400L
2,100W×1,600L 2,100W×1,500L 2,100W×1,400L
1,800W×1,600L 1,800W×1,500L 1,800W×1,400L

(Unit: mm)

Drawing PDF download

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