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Summary and features

Forklift Model
Product transporter with special
pallet moves cargo with a variety
of shapes and sizes

This forklift-compatible vertical conveyor allows loading and unloading directly by forklift, making it ideal for products that are difficult to palletize. Its ability to repeatedly and continuously load and unload cargos of any shape make it ideal for streamlining work efficiency.

Cart Model (Floor Model)
Raise-and-lower loading and
unloading allows whole carts
to be loaded in.

This lifter optimized for general-purpose use and high efficiency is ideal for warehouses loading and discharging small quantities of many different kinds of products. Loading and unloading components bring the cargo right down to floor level, so it's easy to use with whole carts loaded with cargo.

  1. Outdoor type operator panel
  2. Forklift type

Description of loading


Main device

Main device

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Specifications and drawings

Model 3PE-H-6-20-TL
Max. Cargo Weight 2,000kg
Special Pallet Dimensions 1,700W×1,700L (Special Pallet )
Cargo Dimensions 1,700W×1,700L×2,200H (including pallet)
(Must protrude less than 100mm from special
pallet edge)
Table Dimensions 2,150W×2,100L
Conveyance Speed 50m/min
Lift/Lower Power 30kW
Lateral Speed 24m/min
Lateral Power 1.5(0.4)kW motor
2 per floor (loader with table lifter)
(forklift, front-loading)
1F-2F:86 Pt/hour; 1F-3F:65 Pt/hour
(assuming load time of 10 seconds)

(Unit: mm)

Additional Work Requirements

Drawing PDF download

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Omni Lifter