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Let's solve the Step Leveling Problem!

Most loading docks are designed with truck height in mind, and also have slope mechanisms that allow forklifts to come and go. The problem, though, is that installing such slopes means that many trucks can't find the right berth, and they end up lined up outside on the roadside, in many cases inconveniencing the neighborhood.

Many loading docks have dock levelers that eliminate truck-dock height differences, but some—like container trucks—are so large that forklifts still cannot get inside, and cargo conveniently already loaded on pallets must be unloaded by hand, piece by piece.

Certainly loading docks should be designed with better truck berths, but there is also a need for equipment to create slopes and eliminate height differences.

Enter the Solution The Climbing Leveler

Step Leveling Problem

Step Leveling Problem With a dock leveler in place No more cases of too-high truck loading doors

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