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Troublesome task like pallet exchanging,goods unloading will be done by automation.

By automating pallet replacement, devanning work, loading onto trucks, etc., it is possible to reduce the burden of labor and labor.

OMNI Lifter

Earliest approved as vertical reciprocating conveyor in Japan. Various kinds by use.

The OMNI Lifter is the first vertical pallet carrier approved in Japan. In addition to pallets, it can be used for various items such as carts, roll paper, and forklifts.

OMNI System

Various logistic environment supporting / Highly-efficient inventory control system.

It is a management system that realizes highly efficient warehousing / delivery / transportation corresponding to various logistics environments. By combining the omni lifter as an axis, the flow of products will be as smooth as possible.


Site problem solution like high-place work, storage space for roll box palette.


Introducing typical delivery examples.