Pallet ExchangerPALLE-THRU Ⅰ (Forklift-Loaded Type)

Summary and Features


It is a pallet exchanger that can be loaded with a forklift.

Saves Effort & Energy

Usable by a single forklift operator.


Pallet exchange accomplished in just 70 seconds. Remote control allows operation from the forklift operator’s seat.

Processing Capacities

Just 22 minutes to process the load for one 10-ton truck

Loading palleted cargo into the Palle-Thru 30 seconds, Pallet exchange 70 seconds, Load newly palleted cargo onto truck 30 seconds × 10 pallets = Approx. 22 minutes

Let’s solve the pallet exchange problem!

Recently there have been movements in certain industries, particularly foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, to prevent pallets used in factories from being sent outside. This means that goods produced in those factories must be shifted from their factory pallets onto shipping pallets. By necessity, much of this shifting has been done manually by factory workers.

In other cases, goods arriving at warehouses and distribution centers must often be shifted from factory shipping pallets onto user pallets.

PALLE-THRU solves these pallet replacement challenges.

Pallet exchange problems

Control Functions

  • Control panel
    Control panel
  • Operator touch panel
    Operator touch panel
  • Remote control switch (optional)
    Remote control switch


  • Installed case
  • Installed case

Specifications and Drawings

Exchanged item (plastic pallet) dimensions 1,100W×1,100L×150H
Exchanged item (exchange pallet) dimensions 1,100W×1,100L×150H
Cargo dimensions 1,100W×1,100L
Max. cargo weight MAX 1,000kg/pallet
Exchange capacity 70sec/pallet
(not including time to load onto conveyor)
Cargo handling used Forklift
Equipment and loading orientation Front-loading

* Please inquire regarding cargos differently sized or shaped than shown above.
* Please inquire for more details about dimensions.

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