1929 Yoshida Rikichi establishes the private company “Yoshida Sharyo Seisakusho” at the address Higashi Naniwa-cho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka.
1946 After World War Ⅱ the company resumes original operations.
1973 Develops the Omni Lifter System.
1974 Company registered as “Yoshida Sharyo Kiki Kabushiki Kaisha” in the city of Yao near Osaka.
Main factory built in Yao.
1975 The Omni Lifter is approved (No. 2183) by the Japanese Construction Ministry’s Lifter Evaluation Council and the Labor Ministry’s Safety & Labor Notice No. 2183.
1977 Capital funding increased to ¥40 million.
1978 Tokyo office established.
1979 Omni Service Co., Ltd. established.
1989 Tokyo office expanded, becomes full branch company.
1992 Nara Factory built to specialize in Omni Lifter production.
1993 Nagoya office established.
“Omni Service” changes its name to “Omni Techno Co., Ltd.”
1997 Capital funding increased to ¥50 million.
Second factory facility added to the Nara Factory.
1998 Automatic truck loading device “Shuttle Loader” developed.
2001 Earned ISO9001 certification.
Developed Climbing Leveler.
2004 Developed Omni Lifter space-saving model, Palle-Thru, and MagiCart in succession.
2008 Company name changed to “Omni Yoshida Co., Ltd.”
Representative Director Yoshida Takeshi appointed as chairman (9/1)
Managing Director Fujita Tokuichi appointed as company president.
2015 Head Office: Minamihonmachi,Chuou-ku,Osaka City.
2018 Increased capital to 75 million yen.
2019 Shintaro Yoshida, Managing Director and General Manager of Sales Division, is appointed President and Representative Director.
2022 Managing Director Shinjiro Hino appointed as company president.
2023 Omni Yoshida Co., Ltd. and Omni Techno Co., Ltd. merged and became Omni Yoshida Co., Ltd.