Corresponding to Clean RoomsOMNI LIFTER (Clean CL Type)

Summary and Features


Corresponding Transports

  • Pallets
  • Carts
  • Rolled Paper
  • Forklifts

A vertical conveyor compatible with clean rooms.

Makes multilevel cleanroom transport easy.

Standard model capable of transporting large products.

Standard model max. cargo dimensions
Max. 2000mm W × 2,000mm L × 2000mm H
Max. Weight: 2000kg

Standard model meets even Class 1,000 cleanroom standards

Compatible with Classes 1,000 to 10,000

No construction permit required

Unlike elevators, installation of the OMNI LIFTER Σ Type does not require application for a construction permit.

  • Installation image
  • Operation board

Specifications and Drawings

Model CL・AD2RC-H-2-20
Shaft Independent steel tower: Bending process
(3 bends) Subframe: Bending process
Max. Cargo Weight MAX2000kg
Cargo (Pallet) Dimensions
(W dimension is table conveyance direction)
Table Dimensions 2,450W×2,400L
Main Unit Dimensions 3,450W×2,850L
Conveyance Speed 0.5m/s (30m/min)
Lateral Speed 0.2m/s (12m/min) INV control
Operating Controls Fixed operator board 2screens
(and 2 maintenance-use screens)
Control Control board, single
Notes Conforms to cleanroom specifications

(Unit: mm)

Please inquire for specifications higher than Clean Class 1,000.

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