OMNI System

  • Odaiba Dock and Ariake Dock

    This area has a plan to construct a multi-type future city as a Tokyo's secondary city in a water front place.

  • Daikoku Dock

    This area will realize a developing vision in the bay area where people, goods and information are gathering sophisticatedly.

  • Ooi Container Dock

    This area will support a function of capital city by a large scale distribution of goods in the water front place.

  • Osaka South Port

    This area is a large distribution center that is aiming at a reinstatement in Kansai Province and seeks a 21st century's development.

  • Rokko Island

    This is a new town that has a function of multipurpose city and creates a most comfortable environment.

  • Port Island

    It is a maritime cultural city with comprehensive functions such as housing and commerce in addition to port functions.