Running Cost Reduction SystemECO OMNI

Summary and Features


Corresponding Transports

  • Pallets
  • Carts
  • Rolled Paper
  • Forklifts

It is a system that can reduce the capacity of power supply equipment and the basic electricity charge.

Reduces power supply equipment capacities during initial installation.

The use of the ECO OMNI reduces the per-unit electrical capacity to 60%, allowing savings on power supply equipment capacities.

Saves on basic electricity expenses

Because it lowers the maximum electrical power demand value, the Eco Omni helps reduce basic electricity fees.

Uses regenerative energy

Effective use of regenerative energy reduces the electric bill.

Reduces CO2 emissions

Generates less thermal energy, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions.

Measures against global warming

Does not allow used electrical energy to be converted into heat, so helps curb global warming.

No construction permit required

Unlike elevators, installation of the OMNI LIFTER does not require application for a construction permit.

Installation image

What’s power running?

It’s normal operating state.
In this occasion,motor rotate, electrical power will flow from inverter to motor.
If speed reduction,the flow of electric power will go across.
This is electric power regeneration.

What’s regeneration running?

If when lifting and lowering device moves down, motor rotate,motor’s fact speed is quicker than output frequency of inverter, this is regeneration running. In this occasion, motor will be power generator, return energy to inverter. Inverter absorb the energy, put a brake on motor.


By ECO OMNI, thermal energy before will be changed to regeneration energy.
Regeneration energy will be storaged by capacitor, and wil assist electrical power during power running.
By this way, electrical power will be used effectively, power rate and basic usage will be cutdown.

New installation, expanded installation, reconstruction can be used by ECO OMNI. It will slove modern society’s problem.

  • Normal condition
  • Power running condition
  • Regeneration condition
  • Full power condition