Simple Circulation Type Responding to a Forklift TransportationOMNI LIFTER (HB Type)

Summary and Features


Corresponding Transports

  • Pallets
  • Carts
  • Rolled Paper
  • Forklifts

A simple circulation type vertical conveyor that supports forklift transportation.

A multi-purpose lifter

The OMNI LIFTER HB Type handles cargos of all kinds of dimensions, weights and shapes, including forklifts.

Excellent for moving large cargo quantities

Better than freight elevators for moving large quantities of materials.

Reduces running costs

Lower electricity and maintenance costs compared to freight elevators ensure large running cost savings.

Makes work faster and more efficient

Uses a circulation system and integrates with an automatic loader to greatly improve work efficiency.

Helps prevent accidents

Loading and unloading actions are handled automatically, reducing the chance of damaging accidents like those occur with elevator door lifting.

Leasing OK!

Since the lifter is classified as industrial equipment, it can be leased for up to seven years.

Exempt from elevator regulations

Conforms to the Building Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Law, so does not require a building permit application or equipment installation report.

Example of Application

Allows an entire forklift to be loaded.


  • Introduction case: After
  • Introduction case: After

Specifications and Drawings

Model AD2PC-H-2-40-HB
Max. Cargo Weight 4,000kg
Special Pallet Dimensions 3,500W×1,500L
Max. Cargo Dimensions 3,500W×1,500L×2,500H
Lifting Height 7,000H
Conveyance Capabilities 1F-2F:24 cycles/hour

(Unit: mm)

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