Special Pallet Circulation TypeOMNI LIFTER (Σ Type)

Summary and Features


Corresponding Transports

  • Pallets
  • Carts
  • Rolled Paper
  • Forklifts

A dedicated pallet circulation type vertical conveyor that achieves high capacity and space saving for loading and unloading.

A space-saving pallet-circulating vertical conveyor!

The OMNI LIFTER Σ Type is designed to help move goods in and out with a minimum footprint, ideal for keeping aisles open in narrow warehouses.
Since it’s no longer subject to costly inspections, it helps reduce running costs while offering all the same features as the PL Type.

Space-saving design

Occupies about 40% less space than similar loading systems.

Reduces running costs

Instead of the normal twelve annual inspections to which elevators are normally subject, the Omni Lifter Σ Type needs only four voluntary self-inspections a year, cutting running costs dramatically.

No construction permit required

Unlike elevators, installation of the OMNI LIFTER Σ Type does not require application for a construction permit.

Main Devices

Equipment layout diagram

1. Vertical conveyor passage

2. Lifting/lowering table

3. Cargo height sensor

4. Special pallet lifter

5. Operator panel

6. Load/discharge conveyor

7. Special pallet


  • Introduction case: After
  • Introduction case: After

Installation Dimension

Compared to the PL Type, the Σ Type saves about 2.4 meters of space that can be used to keep aisles wider.Compared to the PL Type, the Σ Type saves about 2.4 meters of space that can be used to keep aisles wider.

Specifications and Drawings

Model 3PE-H-3-10-Σ
Max. Cargo Weight 1,000kg
Cargo Dimensions 1,700W×1,300L×2,000H
(including pallet)
Rolling Pallet Cart
(2 each, side-by-side)
Pallet Dimensions 1,500W×1,200L
Special Pallet Dimensions 1,800W×1,600L
Table Dimensions 2,200W×2,000L (usable portion)
Conveyance Speed 60m/min (inverter-controlled)
Lift/Lower Power 11kW
Lateral Speed 24m/min
Lateral Power 1.5kW×2
Loading Mechanisms 1 per floor, 3 total
Loading Method Forklifts, manual push
Loading Orientation From front
Conveyance Capabilities 1F-2F:70 Pt/hour; 1F-3F:40 Pt/hour

(Unit: mm)

【Additional Work Requirements】

1. Run primary power supply to the Omni Lifter control panel (3φ, 200V, 50Hz, 29.6kW)
2. Entrance, sectioning off construction and smoke shutter installation
3. Lay concrete pad for lifter installation
4. Each floor — Loading mechanism pit construction FL-80 and perimeter corner angle embedding (L-65×65×6t)
5. 3F inspection door (800W × 1200H) installation and 3F inspection ladder installation
6. Upper conveyance passage — Install construction-use lifting beam (3 ton capacity)
7. Upper conveyance passage — Install lighting (40W) and install pressurized exhaust fan
8. 1F construction of base for main unit, pit construction, and opening of floors on each level
9. Each floor — Install wiring sleeve openings
10. Install anti-harmonic measures
11. Other —General construction related to structure, electrical, equipment and anti-disaster measures

Special Pallet Reference Dimensions

Width 2,500W・2,100W・1,800W
Depth 1,600L

Special Pallet Dimensions, 3 patterns

Dimensions 2,500W×1,600L 2,100W×1,600L 1,800W×1,600L

(Unit: mm)

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