Summary and Features

To operate a multistory distribution center efficiently, it is efficacious to skillfully combine a number of Omni Lifters and Conveyor Systems that can ensure smooth sorting of incoming and outgoing goods.
Sideline waiting transport on each floor uses Omni Yoshida’s Round Conveyor system, and the complex integration of vertical and horizontal conveyance is computer controlled to ensure the speedy movement of intaken goods to the storage area and outgoing goods to the shipping area, helping to make the distribution center more efficient.

Put Omni Yoshida’s rich experience and performance results to work for you!

  • Omni Lifter unloading side
    Omni Lifter unloading side
  • Reading by bar-code reader
    Reading by bar-code reader
  • Omni Lifter loading side
    Omni Lifter loading side
System image
  1. 1Computer room
  2. 2Operation monitoring panel
  3. 3Handy scanner
  4. 4Barcode reader
  5. 5Message indicator